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4 weeks 3 days

Dec 05, 2008 - 3 comments

first HCG level is 246...still not many symptoms but the levels are just starting to hoping on monday they are much higher and i have a happy and healthy pregnancy this time around

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by waitn838, Mar 16, 2009
2 weeks after i posted this i had a miscarriage...this journal will never be completed

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by Kricket212, Feb 26, 2010
I thought that I remembered your screen name because I originally had my transfer on 12/5 which is the day you wrote this.
I am sorry you had a m/c but glad that you got pregnant again so quickly.  Congrats!!

317019 tn?1532965586
by waitn838, Feb 26, 2010
thanks....i took a year off so hopefully that gave my body time to heal....i was able to get preg the first month of trying....amazing and completely happy...

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