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Blowing School

Dec 05, 2008 - 1 comments

I have pooped out on my first college class. A few weeks ago, I just had one bad night and didn't do coursework.  Then another, etc.  I went through a depressive period kind of around the anniversary of my Dad's death that my counselor pointed out.

I finally contacted my teacher through email 3 weeks ago to tell her why I'd been gone, and she told me to just try to catch up from where I had left off (it's an online class).  Well, I've been paralyzed ever since and haven't done anything.  

I have not even been able to face looking at the darn website.  Not even just look. Now there's only about 10 days left - I think.  I think I need to ask for an incomplete or whatever is done in these situations.  That would really relieve my anxiety about it, which would be great.  But I'm bummed.
And I have a friend who's been supporting me that I've been kind of lying too lately.  He knows I got behind, but he doesn't know that I got completely blocked.  I'm afraid he'll think I'm a slacker, and now I've been lying for two weeks so it's worse.  
I really thought I'd be over these kinds of experiences - I mean both flopping the class and lying to my friend.
I'd still like to take another class in the Spring since my long-term goal is to get my BA.  I'm not scared of failing again for some reason, but I've got to take care of my current problem.

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by bernie40, Dec 06, 2008

Your friend won't think you're a slacker.  I bummed out on my course to last year and felt really scared about admitting to friends and family that I hadn't actually done enough work to complete the course.  They were all great and said, never mind you can try again next time.  I'm sure if you explain about it being the anniversary of losing your Dad he can't fail to understand.

I've decided to leave it a year, I'm not doing any courses now until next October.  

Will you be able to re-do the course in the Spring - its certainly a better time of year, i don't know about you but the seasons do impact on my moods and i always feel more capable and positive in the Spring.

Take a deep breath :-)

Hugs to you xxx

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