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Christmas song gone right

Dec 09, 2008 - 1 comments

Andy and I have worked on three songs so far for the cd that we are making our friends and family.  Two of which were disappointing to me vocally, since I wasn't performing at my best. We threw one song out completely and are going to try to rework the second so that it sounds better vocally. I have noticed that I am not able to sing with headphones on. . .by this I mean that I can't sing while I have headphones on that allow me to hear myself and the music at the same time. The reason is because when I sing, I need to be able to hear myself inside my head, that is how I have gaged tone since I started singing and taking that away and trying to use a different method just doesn't work. I go sharp one minute, flat the next. So, I came up with a remedy. Since you can't record vocals without headphones on (if you did, you'd hear the music with the person singing with the music; it is quite confusing and unpleasant to listen to,) I only wear one headphone so that I can still hear the music, but I can hear myself as well.

Today, Andy and I worked on "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." I am pleased to say that I am very proud of it. Andy and I made the background music, writing it while keeping the same concept as the original, since all we had was piano music to start with. I was able to play around more with this song, making it my own, unique version, as apposed to "What Green Child" (we combined Greensleeves with What Child is This. It's definitely interesting.) where the only thing that I could do was follow the music exactly how it was being played.

Anyway, all in all, I'm proud of what we accomplished today. The only thing left to do is the intro.

(I don't know if anyone actually reads these journal entries, but if you want to listen, feel free. Any comments is nice. I want this to be good for our families.)

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by catfyre34, Dec 09, 2008
P.S. I am the one singing in the songs.

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