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Where’d all the good People go??? (even x on this one)

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(taken outta my myspace blog written feb. 15th, 2008)

Hey everyone, Im having a sad moment (MONTH) so bare with me LOL

But I MEAN FOR REAL, where did all the good people go...

Between what landlords are doing, some eye openers on old friends, and then BOB (the thankfully x hubby)

As u all know my daughter had been real sick for about a month, and ended up in emmanual hospital,.. Neither bob, nor her family called her (he did last day she was there)

When he comes here, hes on flippin speed (coulda killed him) according to him I have no right & started using my meds against me (for adhd that I am perscribed & meet with every month) OK WHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT

and um yeah its my home.. not to mention tired of him telling me what he did for me and them um 10 years ago.

I raise these MY RugRats on own, He doesnt help with child support, I really do not know why i have even tried to keep relationship goin with him and kids.. BUT I WILL keep on...

Its amazing to hear words that come out of his mouth, he believes you cannot hate the monster you created (cuz i start the arguement he can do and go as far as he wants, cuz ready I STARTED) OMG

I could go on and on but really its more of a whered all the good people go postr ya know LOL

People who are kind hearted, and forgive, and make mistakes but not same ones over and over,..

I really cannot wait until this faze of mine is over LOL becuz for whatever reason, I like putting my faith and believing in people......

but at this point the only person who has not let me down and stayed true to who they are and say they are, is my sis... (ive known her for 14 years, & im thankful for every minute..

But as I stand right now um BREAKDOWN lol

k ***** fest on hold for few

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