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Shot 31!

Dec 12, 2008 - 5 comments



post shot


interferon shot





2 hours post shot, feeling ok.  Watched a movie and heading to bed as soon as this is posted.  Have noticed that my fingers are a bit swollen, and my knees a tiny bit achy but no major sides so far.  Generally I don't get many sides straight after and if I do get them when I'm asleep I am unaware...

Only 17 to go, wow!  I'm getting close to the mid teens now!

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by Marcia2202, Dec 12, 2008
I'm so happy for you that you are getting closer and closer to the end. We'll be finished almost together. Hugs, marcia

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by jdwithhcv, Dec 12, 2008
Only 17 more ~ fantastic!  I hope the weeks speed by for you.  By then it will be lovely springtime here, but autumn in OZ.  Consider making a celebratory tour when you finish.  Here in New England the springtime is lovely, beautiful pale green new foliage and gorgeous blossoms everywhere!  Just what your poor, riba ravaged soul needs!

I used to get the swollen fingers thing too - it never lasted long though.  If yours lasts have it checked.

Feel better!

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by child24angel, Dec 12, 2008
Your doing great !!!!, a lot better than some people here .
I wish you the very best

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by rita863, Dec 12, 2008
Thats great half way there!!!

Good luck!!



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by charm27, Dec 12, 2008
Wishing you the best! Your almost there!

Thinking of you

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