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Dec 12, 2008 - 0 comments








So i had finally started AF on Nov 1 with provera so i was hoping that i would ovulate this month. So I tried charting and trying to figure out when i ovulate with ovulation kit too. well we bd almost every other day in my fertile period, so i thought. And a week after i thought i ovulated i started cramping and spotted for one day, so i was hoping that was implantation spotting. So i waited and AF, yeah!! tested and tested just BFN. :( i was having so many symptoms nausea, cramps, moody, backache, UTI feeling, bloating. So finally i got a blood test after being 2 weeks late, BFN!!!! so now i have given up. I really thought i had ovulated this month. Now i called the gyno to tell them no AF and all BFN's, so the nurse told me I have to make a appt b/c i am probably not ovulating and I need to talk to the gyno about it. So i have a appt on Jan 6. So hopefully I will get some answers. I was finally accepting yesterday that i was not pregnant, well now today i wake up with my nipples hurting like crazy.....what does that mean, now i am thinking maybe i am ovulating now, i really have no idea what is going on with my body and it is so frustrating. AHHHHHH
i guess i will just have to wait until JAN!

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