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Very Crampy Today

Dec 12, 2008 - 0 comments

I have been very crampy today. Mostly lower abdominal cramping. Feels kind of like menstrual cramping but a bit worse. It is comparable to the cramping during/after M/C. I figure its more BH contractions because they are rythmic, just not unbearable or really close together. My Dad called me yesterday said he had a feeling to give me a call like it was going to be really soon. DH calls me at work about every other hour to see how I'm doing too. It was so funny, last Sunday night I was having contractions. When I told DH, he was all over the house "nesting". He just couldn't be still.

Work has been hectic, since I am trying to finish things up and get program requests and projects completed and signed off on before I leave. I would love to be able to clean off my desk and have it all nice and neat before I leave. We'll see though. The priority is to get these projects/programs done and then we'll do some spring cleaning in here.

One more week until my maternity leave starts... Yeah!!!

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