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Peeing on the floor in his room.

Feb 22, 2008 - 3 comments

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I have no idea why, well really i have one idea why he pees on the floor in his room. and its not like it isn't that often he either pees or poops on his floor in his room probly half the time that he is in there, even when he asks to go to his room he will poop or pee on his floor.I have been duct taping his diaper on because after about 10 times i am tired of cleaning up the mess what am i supposed to do about this its not in any of the books i have and its not like talks all that clear i can't take him to a shrink and have her talk to my son and find out why. Just hopeing that some one here can help me.

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by parandroid, Feb 22, 2008
hi mate i am new on this and couldnt help continuing to read your post.  anyway  i am 27 now but i can remember when i was under 5, i used to pee down the side of my bed knowin  fine well my mum would do me for it.  but the reason i did it was i was scared of goin to the toilet.   I also remember having scary nightmares at the time like witches tickling me and makin me want to pee myself, and also nightmares of floating away into the sky away from my home.  i vividly remember this constantly till now and wonder why i had these dreams and fears of goin to the toilet at such a young age.  your lad is not so different after all.  as for the floatin away helplessly dreams .........they are still crazy to think about tho. cheers

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by crissyann, Feb 27, 2008
i really dont know y but i wish u the best of luck , my nieces were the same way but they have seem to out grown it

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by jessica303, Jan 29, 2010
i have a 6 yr. old son and he constatly pees in his room during the day, i don't understand why he would do this. do i have to take him to the doctor or a specialist? he pees on the floor, his furniture and recently on his little sister!!! is something wrong with him? i need some good advice!!!

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