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31:1 After Shot

Dec 13, 2008 - 0 comments














Day after shot, pretty perky in morning, faded as the day went by...

Went to hairdressers (won't know if I like it until I wash it myself) and then went to find a gift for my god-daughter and ran into the other god-mother so we went to a cafe to catch up.  It was very hot and I felt a bit spinny dizzy but I hung in there.  Sometimes feel I have abandoned my friends since starting tx.  

Then I had to go to the mall and the supermarket and there were so many people everywhere and they all kept banging in to me, I swear.  I found I was low on patience and tolerance and my arms hurt from the grocery bags walking back to the car cos I parked too far away from the entrance.

Finally got home and put on my lounging clothes that make me feel like I am somewhere exotic or on a tropical island and lay on the couch.  Everything feels better when I'm lying down!

Have got some Canesten cream for the yeast infection, and also a probiotic to help with the thrush I have in my mouth and to restore the good flora and fauna in my gut seeing that I will be on the antibiotics for another 7 days.

UTI is still skirting around.  Yesterday I forgot to take my midday pill and the discomfort was back by 7 pm.  Clearly, it's keeping it at bay but not getting rid of it.  Wrong antibiotics?  Will have to wait and see.  The UTI and yeast are the first infections I have had on tx and they are harder to handle than I anticipated.

Anyway, off to bed.  Hope I can sleep in tomorrow!  Lol, that means I hope to stay asleep AFTER the sun rises!

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