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Apperently the test were Good!

Feb 22, 2008 - 0 comments



Liver Transplant




test back

So because I have acid reflex and we do not know what caused it I had to get MORE blood work done and for the first time ever in my life an ultrasound. Well it took over two weeks but apparently there is nothing wrong with me. At least internally. I still believe that it might be because of my scare. See my scare well a very weird shape but its right below my rib cage, i believe. Well it is right above where the stomach is and I'm thinking that maybe when i sleep or get in a weird position that  my scare might irritate my stomach and cause this acid reflex. I mean if its nothing internally and I take medicine for it everyday ( very good medicine)  and yes sometime I eat late but i havent been latley and its still happing, any comment or suggestions to why this might be happing would be great. Plus not only that but I have been having pain since last night, its not major like I can still walk and be myself but still sometimes mine are not much pain but last forever. Does anyone else have that too? Please message or comment I could really use some help with this, I really dont want this for the rest of my life, thanks.

love, ME!

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