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heavy drinking.liver

Dec 14, 2008 - 0 comments

heavy drinking

hi there can anyone tell me how much alcohol a man can consume.
my husband seems to drink at least half a bottle of whisky a night and a bottle a night at the weekends, i will say he never misses work through it, he was told a few years ago that he had slight damage to his liver and needed to take vitamin tablets aswell as other tablets, yet he still wont give this up.
i am getting really concerned as his mood will change within minutes, he's like a jackyll and hyde, and the whites of his eyes are turning yellow, and he also has the red blood vessels on his face, i know these are all symptoms,yet he will not admit that he has a problem
is there anyone who can advise me on this as im getting really fed up with him, yet i love him and want to help.


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