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is it RH or not

Feb 22, 2008 - 0 comments



Rheumatoid Arthritis

15 month ago I had a severe painful "frozen shoulder"  I was given an xray and painpills.  The pills didn't work.  It went away after 3 days.  7 days after the first attack, my other shoulder did the same thing.  Urgent care thought I was either roughed up or nuts.  All sorts of domestic questions.  I started physical therapy to free up my tender shoulders.  The physical therapists was alarmed when my wrists started swelling, and after a good battle with my primary, I was finally refered to my Rh doc.  Yes I have RH, but he doesn't think these attacks are related.  I also had the same pain happen in my hip.  A few weeks back my shoulder did it again, much worse than before.  Prednisone helped.  I now have elevated liver enzymes, probably from the herbal menapause meds my primary suggested.  I'm on methotrexate, but I can't find anything anywhere on why my joints would freeze up, and be so painful.  Makes childbirth feel like a cake walk.  I almost hope no one else suffers from this.  Could be something else altogether.  Thanks for listening.  I'm scared.

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