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being claire

Dec 15, 2008 - 2 comments

My name is claire i am 27 i have just found out i have graves.I feel awfull i have two sons so i need to be strong for them.I am also a smoker which is very bad i am tring really hread to life at the min is all over the place i feel really scared.

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by Janette2836, Dec 15, 2008
Hey Claire,
Thanks for the post!  I just read your journal as well & I feel for you!  I do not know much about Graves but I know how it feels to have the young ones at home & to not be sure what our bodies will be doing next but wanting to be strong for them.  It is scary.  I hope you are getting the medical care you need.  Take care of yourself.  Janette

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by Marpo1, Dec 19, 2008
I was reading here that you are a smoker.  I started smoking at 14 and smoked until I was 56.  I got Graves in January 2000 right after I turned 53.  When my eyes started getting bad I realized it was eigther a cigarette or my sight.  Smoking makes thyroid eye disease (TED) worse.  I had tried to quit many times before no good.  But when I thought I might not see  my kids or grandkids ever again because I was so selfish as to smoke.....well I just stopped.
You can to.  You have to.  You have to do everything you can to make your life liveable. You have choices.  Take care of your eyes,  if you are hyper stay away from iodine and sea food.  I learned the hard way.  But I have friends all over now that have given me advice and now I am doing pretty good.  At least I am not a basket case any more.

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