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31:5 Green P**P

Dec 16, 2008 - 4 comments













gastro flu


tummy bug





WARNING!  Do Not Continue Reading If You are Squeamish or Sensitive.

Oh boy, what a morning!!  The most dreadful fluorescent green liquid diarrhea every 20 minutes for about 3 hours! Accompanied by fever, cold sweats and extreme nausea.  When I got up I had a normal bowel movement and after my regular breakfast of oatmeal with acidopholous and coconut oil it started.  When I say florescent green that is what I mean, bright green kermit the frog mixed with yellow highlighter green liquid.  Aaaaargh!!  The toilet paper looked like a neon glow stick at a music concert!

Did some research and apparently green stools are not uncommon, that bright green color is actually bile!  So green stools are a symptom that food is passing through the intestines too quickly for the bacteria in our gut to change the bile that is being produced to the familiar brown color. Or that there is not enough bacteria in the intestines to do this.

In my case it could be caused by a number of things.  Firstly, the obvious, I have a gastro flu.  Maybe so maybe not. Secondly, it's a reaction to the antibiotics I am on due to the UTI.  Thirdly, it's a reaction to the Riba.

I would hazard a guess at it being a combo of the last two.

I didn't do anything differently to any other morning EXCEPT that I used a tablespoon of VCO, rather than a teaspoon as an experiment, and that I took ALL my pills in one big hit with my oatmeal.  That is the Prozac, the Riba, and the Augmentin.  Usually I would space them all out a bit but I just wanted to get them down and get on with the day.

I managed to get to work (it's only 15 minutes down the motorway thank goodness) and as soon as I arrived I had to lie on the office couch (not a good look for an HOD) and then had to revisit the toilet several times until it became apparent I needed to go back home.  So I stayed in the left hand lane on the motorway and drove home like an 85 year old Nana.  

Since then I've been drinking Gastrolyte (an electrolyte re hydration drink) and moving cautiously.  Have just tried a banana and some yogurt to see if it will stay down.  Tummy has started to grumble a bit so we will see what happens.  Also had to take my midday Augmentin... I've cooked up a big pot of brown rice to have should things stay down.  

It seems the list of foods than I can eat on tx is getting smaller and smaller, sometimes I think I might be wise to just eat brown rice until this is all over.  Good nutrients, kinda chewy, nutty flavour...

Sigh, the ground is always changing on tx, really teaching me to go with the flow.  Hah!  Flow!  No pun intended ;)

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577132 tn?1314266526
by epiphiny, Dec 16, 2008
3 hours later...

All good so far, no more evacuations.  Have been asleep for a couple of hours and had a few spoons of brown rice.  Just feel generally 'pooped' (again, no pun intended!)  Trying to keep up with fluids and electrolytes...

Wild how it just comes on like a twister, wrecks havoc with me, and then seems to pass as quickly as it came.

Am now wondering if it had anything to do with VCO as I have read somewhere there is a connection between unabsorbed fat and bile production.  More research req!

476246 tn?1418870914
by Marcia2202, Dec 17, 2008
Sorry to hear about your green ordeal, the way you write about it is very entertaining though... brought some smiles to my face....

Just a thought, it is summer and sometimes it can just have been a fly sitting on something like your bowl and there it goes. Brown rice is definitely the best you can do to yourself plus the Gastrolyte. According to TCM, brown rice is a neutral food, which is highly nutritious. Each time I eat brown rice I can immediately feel how content my stomach and then my whole body is. I love it!!!

577132 tn?1314266526
by epiphiny, Dec 17, 2008
Next Day...

All better now, did nothing different than yesterday.  Have eaten normal food, even had my work Xmas lunch today and everything has stayed in the right places.  

Just another storm in the tx teacup!

412873 tn?1329174455
by Isobella, Dec 17, 2008
Remember Kermit the Frog?  He always said, "It's ain't easy being green." LOL!   That being said...I am glad to hear you are feeling better.  

My guess would have been a combination of the flu and antibiotics and maybe the extra VCO.  

I have also had an issue with gut bacteria while tx'ing and really have to keep up the probiotics and yogurt.  

Gotta love tx....always keeping us on our toes.

Take care =)

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