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Pain Pain go away

Dec 18, 2008 - 0 comments

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narcotic pain pills





So I do not like taking medicine, however, since I started having anxiety I had to realize that I have to understand that sometimes you have to take something. So I accepted that and moved on. Now the Dr. has put me on three new meds along with the one I was already taking. I would like to say they help, but I have noticed nothing except my blood pressure is better. As far as the pain it *****. I have hurt so bad all weekend its crazy. Right now I am hurting so bad I could strangle someone. He put me on Ultram for pain. I dont mind that because I am 100% AGAINST narcotic pain pills due to watching my mom let them destroy everythign she worked so hard for all her life. I was on web md looking at the meds I take as I do this anytime I am prescribed something. I have to know everything about it before I will take it. So yeah Im weird. But I saw on there that you do not take Celexa (my anxiety med) and Ultram together because it can cause seizures. Well I had already taken it the first day and it made me feel like I was free falling from an airplane or I stop taking it, but now Im sitting here hurting like hell with no relief. The only thing I can do is take my Ambien and go to bed. I have been in bed allday. So BLAH. Dont wanna do that. So I guess I will call the Dr. tomarrow and see what he thinks. I hate calling for something like pain meds though because I know what they think. I have seen it too many times with my mother. I dont want narcotics, I just want relief..Blah..

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