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Feb 23, 2008 - 1 comments


Since i joined MedHelp The care and support and may I be so bold as to say the friendship that i have recieved has been second to none. A life saver really. Then, tonight, out with "friends" told them about this site.Some just laughted, some said are you crazy? but not one thought it was for real. Made me feel foolish for abit. Then thought, no, you are wrong and not so lucky as me.It never occerred to me it was nt real. That we have problems that we can not share with those closest to us. That at some point we all need help and support and why should we feel embarrassed or weak because we look for it outside the "box"? No. I will keep my faith in others, that it is genuine. That we are here for each other. And i for one am grateful. Please let me take this opportunity to say Thank You and I will be touch again. Cath278.

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by Holly008, Feb 24, 2008
   Dear Cath278
           This site is very real and so are the people. Yeah most of us find it easier to say how we really feel to strangers ... people here make it safe to say anything. Friends are real and good support but it is limited to how safe they feel. Those who are too close can't always handle what we have to say...too painful and scary to know how much you are hurting. It is so human...few friends (people) have the emotional maturity to listen to any and everything you feel and not project it back on themselves. It doesn't mean they don't care...they care too much. The Internet friends you have here are real too but the can be much more objective. Forgive your real world friends they are well...just human. Best to you Holly

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