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I know for sure now that I am blessed

Dec 19, 2008 - 4 comments

Has anyone ever loved and hated their spouse all at the same time.. here is my story, I finally got a free moment to get out and get some errands done yesterday, My Dh was home with the girls and all was nice and quiet when I left. How Ironic that I just couldnt get anything done, I felt so out of sorts. I am a very regimented person ( you have to be with twins) and I usually write things down and get them done right in a nice neat row. anyway,, like I said I just was wandering through sears, and I thought let me call home. just to check in, now mind you I was only gone for less then an hour at this point, so I called home and DH answers, he says now dont get upset and everyone is ok, I am like OMG whats the matter, the FREEKIN CHRISTMAS TREE FELL OVER I started freeking out, he said calm down my dad was here (his parents live across the street) and was holding myleigh, I had ayla, had my dad not come over and picked her up it would have fallen right on her. OMG so here I am crying I go home, who could shop now, by time I got home everythign was picked up, all the water cleaned up, I lost a few ornaments but nothing major, but my babies were ok.. I was so mad at the idiot because.......... I told him 4 times, the tree is loose in the stand I tightened as best I could but maybe you want to anchor the tree to the wall, I am one of those paranoid types, we have a 50 inch tv on the wall and I am scared to death to have my babies by it for fear of it falling,. anyway...................... all is ok, my girls are ok, my tree which I could care less about looks like HE LL but oh well, I feel someone was looking out for my children and I thank god that they are fine..    

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377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, Dec 19, 2008
Awww, a scare.  I'm sorry it frightened you so much.  I too am a worrier, I completely understand.  But isn't it amazing how our loved ones are so looked out for, even when we can't be there?  It just reassures that there is a higher power, whatever name you call it by, always taking care of us.  I am so glad all is well that ended well.  Huge hugs dear lady.

284738 tn?1283106819
by pinkbelle, Jan 10, 2009
Aweee.. I would have been scared you know what...  men... *sighs* do i even need to go there... well at least your girls are ok

657364 tn?1261259557
by A_Muse4u, Oct 23, 2009
So, why was DH hated?  I'm confused.  Sorry.  Does DH know how you feel about him?  I hope you 2 are doing much better and communicating more smoothly?!  Sorry, again, for asking, but my DH and I have a very open communication relationship and we tell each other how we feel and why, so nothing bad ever happens again.  We try to avoid all things negative in our relationship.  Life is too short!  Take care!  O:-)

145992 tn?1341345074
by mami1323, Oct 23, 2009
I think she was mad, which was back in Dec. of 2008, because she had asked him to tighten the tree stand.  I think she did communicate it to him, he just didn't choose to hear like most men.

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