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How I got to here!

Dec 20, 2008 - 5 comments









Gallbladder removal








lumbar puncture

Feb/March 2006 -  Three (3) severe gallbladder attacks, ambulance, IV pain meds, went away as quick as it came.

May 2008 - Birth of fourth (4th) child, epidural lumbar spinal puncture, leaking spinal fluid, extreme intense pain, finally a blood patch was done which relieved 75% of pain. Continued headaches, dizziness, pain at punture site (internal), neck pain, weakness...

July 2008 - Two MRI's, found boney hemangioma (incedental) on left C2 vertabrae, no treatment recommended

Aug 2008 - CT scan, nothing other than hemangioma, no treatment recommended, symptoms persist. Begin experiencing nausea in evening and through the night which is highly unusual.

Sep 2008 - Blood test reveal thyroid levels extremely out of normal range (both over and under levels at the same time).I have a long history of Thyroid dysfunction and was diagnose with Graves disease and Hashimoto's syndrome in 1998. Very little vitamin D, recommended 2000 units for two months, 1000 units thereafter. Nausea is almost all day and night now and some minor gallbladder pain begins.

Nov 2008 - Nausea is constant now, pain after I eat, diarreah and constipation, heart palpatations. I had a severe attack with nausea and went to ER. Diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis, ultrasound revealed gallstones, admitted for 5 days, IV fluid only. Surgeon booked surgery for 3 weeks later, laparascopic gallbladder removal.

Dec 2008 - Surgery on Dec 9th, extreme pain in mid, centre of back, between the shoulder blades, Morphine had no effect on the pain. Released same evening. Pain has persisted with nausea, minor vomitting, pain under right rib cage, gallbladder pain after eating, full feeling all the time etc... The surgeon has now recommended scope (ERCP) for January and referal to gastroentonologist. I am getting tired of gravol and percocet.

Jan 2008 - constant nausea is back, pain in right, mid and left abdomen, tender and bloated abdomen, still pain after eating and lovely inconsistent bowel movements. Did I mention I am so tired that it takes every ounce of strenth I have to get up, even after 8 hrs. of sleep!!! I am waiting for my GI appointment, endoscopy and colonoscopy...


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by Banned1, Jan 12, 2009
Your stoicism and gentle good nature about these horrible health issues humbles me.  I sincerely wish you a healthy, happy 2009.  God bless and Godspeed.

All the best,


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by Ryansmom17, Jan 12, 2009
WOW!!! can I ever relate to pain and full feeling all of the time! Hey have you tried pangestyme Caps EC generic for pancreos tabs. When the pancreas is compromised, like in the removal of the GB. you sometimes, like I did get chronic pancreatitus, which then slows down your digestive system. These pills are just digestive enzymes that your pancreas is not making enough of. They digest the food for you! I take 2 caps 3 times a day. Mainly before breakfast lunch dinner....I KNWO the bloating feeling since my whole GI system is shot to h***!!! Just thought I would share something that I KNOW FOR A FACT DRs DO NOT SEE!! It took them 10 years to figure out what the pain and bloating I had all the time was from. I got so bad I was vomiting up food fro,m days before. Also try to eat more digest friendly food. I am still trying to figure out what that is. If it is anything more then  mush please let me know lol I live on yogurt!!!

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by TaraDoyle, Jan 12, 2009
Thanks Sam and Jenn. I don't take anything regularly yet, although the clinic DR today prescribed Domperidone and Raberprazole???? I know the purpose of Domperidone, but I've never heard of the other one. Jenn, can I get Caps EC over the counter? I don't think I will be seeing the GI anytime soon although my God does miracles all the time. I did ask for blood tests today to check my enzyme levels as my abdomen is swollen (or so it seems) and tender. I have pain on both the left and right side... first time for that. Anyway, thank you both so much as you have both been so faithful to offer advice, encouragement and support. I am so grateful. As far as the diet is concerned, God has been convicting me about my eating for yrs. now and I am somehow still stubborn. Oh Lord help me!!! lol Please both keep me posted about your situation(s) and I promise to keep you updated as well.

Luv ya, Tara

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by snakebellysg, Oct 02, 2009
Research vitamin C.... Go to this site   Dr.Frederick R. Klenner was treating a myriad of diseases successfully since the 1940's with "mega-doses" of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) There are a couple of case files pertaining to pancreatitis at the end of this article

My daughter Rachel, 33 yrs. old... diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, displayed all the symptoms. severe pain, etc., with history of many repeated trips to the hospital.

I purchased a jar of vitamin C (500 tablets, 1000 mg).  One evening she came to my room. Another attack was ensuing. With tears in her eyes, (at this point, it was more from frustration than pain) she exclaimed that she'd have to the hospital again soon.

I gave her 5 tablets (5,000 milligrams = 5 grams).  Within a half hour the pain was starting to subside. So I had her take another 5 tablets. So... within one and one half hours from the onset of the attack, Rachel was virtually pain free, and without the aid of any painkillers.

Vitamin C is completely safe. No bad side effects. (exception: if you took 100 tablets [100,000 milligrams = 100 grams] then you may or may not get diarrhea)

Vitamin C is amazing... Great for so many human associated ailments... You should keep this in mind... Most of our good doctors are either ill-informed or misinformed and that with their large caseloads, are generally, much too busy for researching alternative medicine. Keep in mind this.... Fact: That big pharmaceutical companies are more interested in profit than health. (Do the research)

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by TaraDoyle, Oct 02, 2009
Thank you so much 'snakebellysg', I am still having pancreas issues and will definately try this out & do some research myself.

Much appreciated!

TaraDoyle : )

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