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so i am back down!

Dec 19, 2008 - 2 comments

again i have fallen back to 110......but i was 107 a week ago and gained 3 of it back as AF showed! 107 is a lil underweight since for my height i should be between 115 & 123, but as long as i can remeber i have always been underwieght no matter what i have tried but 110 looks good on me!

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by peekawho, Dec 20, 2008
Your best bet is to have a "range" that you would like to stay in, rather than shoot for a particular number.  Weight can fluctuate so much based of fluid retention, menstrual cycle, and even medication intake that it makes acheiving and maintaining one particular "number" on the scale difficult and frustrating.  

As you note, 107 would be underweight for you.  Perhaps maintaining 110-113 would be a good compromise?

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by motherofan18month, Dec 20, 2008
thanks...yes my weight does fluctuate alot from 106-116 over the course of a few months so i guess 110-113 would be perfect range for me!

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