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Random recollections about hyperparathyroidism

Dec 21, 2008 - 5 comments

Symptoms I can recall:
~ Frequent urination - especially at night.
~ Stomach aches that would culminate hours later in projectile vomiting - this would almost seem to occur in a cyclical manner.
~ Malaise
~ Sensitivity to sound - Someone hitting the daily double on 'Jeopardy' would make me want to plug my ears.  That sound would linger for long after... (Watching it right now is making me recall what was once an unpleasant time, for sure.)  Also, the music overhead in a grocery store would make me have to rush through to get out of there - fast.  Then I'd get home and realize I didn't have half of what I went for in the first place, resulting in yet another trip back.  Either that or I'd have to discretely hold my ears.  Like when I was taking my Mother for her groceries; to which she'd usually say something like, "You're being silly."
~ Sensitivity to light - Especially fluorescent, which I still hate.  I couldn't watch the TV in a dark room and stopped going to a movie theater.

(Will update as memories come to mind.)

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by sophie50, Jan 27, 2009
I wonder if you are still around.  I have a high calcium level. It has hovered around 10.5 for the past year. Last two results were 10.9 and 11.2.  I have never had a high PTH.  The last was 20.6 but the highest it has ever been with an elevated calcium is 27.  I had low Vitamin D and have been taking 50,000IU twice weekly for MONTHS and finally stopped this week as my level is now up to 63.  It will probably fall as it always does when I go to the smaller 2000IU daily.  I have had a urine calcium test done 258 (100-300) so no FHH.  I am having a full body Tc-MDP bone scan done next week to check for cancer.  Do you know of any sites that give reasons for high calcium with inappropriately normal PTH?  I am also up every night to pee.....sometimes twice!  Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Sophie

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by Thypatient, Jan 27, 2009
Yes, I am still around and am glad you wrote.  Your situation is obviously tricky...

May I ask?  Do you have a previous history of cancer?  Hopefully your upcoming scan might give some clues overall as to what's going on.

Have you read the website  That's a commercial website but it's put together by a dr who does seem to know his stuff.  There's also the website from UCLA medical center.  I will share more as I think of them.

Keep in touch.

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by manchester1777, Feb 10, 2010
I just found these two entries and am thrilled. I have a calcium of 10.5 that my endocrinologist says "isn't high", along with PTH of 149, Vit D 25 of 8, Vit D 1,25 of 28. My internist sent me to the endo doctor because he says I have hyperparathyroid disease. She says I need 12 weeks of 50,000 units vitamin D. I also may have sarcoidosis and I have had breast cancer. I don't know what to do. I have SO MANY symptoms. Pee all night and day, extreme bone pain, mental confusion, no short term memory (I'm 53 ys old, by the way) Any insight you can give me will be SO HELPFUL. I'm at a loss, trying to decide which doctor is right!


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by Abdrx, Nov 09, 2011
Hope you're still around.  I'm new to this site and posted to someone under health forum "Hyperparathyroidism?" as Abdrx.  My two posts explain my dealing with HPT.  Good for your internist!  Follow up

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by parathyroidlady, Jul 21, 2014
Please please go to and get yourself the RIGHT advice for this disease. I really hope you have not suffered this long as I have.

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