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Christmas Surprises

Dec 24, 2008 - 3 comments

  We got a surprise bag of gifts the other day! My family in the twin cities responded to our plight (using all our money for deposits on a new apartment) and found second hand items tow rap and send. They are not wealthy themselves for the most part and the ones we kinda thought WERE wealthy are in the mortgage and realty business so.... My second nephew who is only 5 carefully wrapped some of his own toys to send to my 12 and 14 year old sons! I think we'll have a hoot seeing what they came up with.
  We're off to get a few things - curtains for privacy here, a broom and dustpan, a white fedora with skulls for my 12 year old, a belt and a gage set for my black sheep boy and ? for my unmaterialistic and hard to please college student. We have three ornaments on the tree so far and tonight we'll watch the musical "Scrooge!"
   One cool thing is, besides the free high speed internet that is all through this apartment we took a chance today and connected our little T.V. to an existing axle and have 100 channel cable now! These things were not listed as part of our rent so it's been quite unexpected!
   Merry Christmas!

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607502 tn?1288247540
by monkeyc, Dec 24, 2008
Its so nice to read this today, I know its been a hard year and its so nice when people reach out and help in any way they can, too often we do not realise what we mean to people.

Have a wonderful christmas as a family and don't forget that no matter what you will always have each other.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from down under.

505907 tn?1258369340
by LetaB, Dec 24, 2008
   Merry Christmas to you dear Monkey. Why did you choose the moniker "monkeyc" anyway if I may ask?
   I hope you are able to let your hair down tomorrow and remember - breath!

607502 tn?1288247540
by monkeyc, Dec 25, 2008
Monkeyc is a nickname from a job long past.. think three wise monkeys ;)

Its 4pm on Christmas day here and its been a good one which I needed really, nice dinner to come as well and got some nice presents which cheered me up.  Hope the christmas day goes great for you - id love some snow on my Christmas and have a wonderful family day !

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