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Dec 26, 2008 - 0 comments



snowed in







Today has been a Christmas to remember.  We have been snowed in for 6-7 days.  Unable to buy presents, get groceries or go to Christmas eve service.  It has been a very quiet Christmas.  I was able to make a berry pie for my hubby before power went out.  I was able to fix a nice bkf this morning.  I did housework that needed to be done. Just taking my time.  I made tacos for dinner.  Not what we had planned.  I have felt peaceful with myself.  Some sadness as we had reflected on holidays gone by.  We were able to talk to both our sons. One is in Arizonia with their 2 little boy and our only granddaughter.  We will now anxiously wait for pictures to arrive. My mom also stated it just did not seem like Christmas.  She was all alone due to the weather.  They were going to have a gathering for all the residents that were alone.  (She lives in a retirement home)  My hands are getting tired but I feeled richly blessed for having God in my life who is responsible for everything I have. julia

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