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Neutorphils .67, Dr. says skip this week interferon and riba

Dec 26, 2008 - 2 comments










Went for bloodwork visit and utrasound. My doctor was concerned about my WBC maninly neutrophils have dropped again to .67 normal minimum is 1.5

Will start me on Neuprogen next week after seeing the hemalogist, and I received a copy of my bloodword and will get copy of ultrasound next week

I said wow, I am not used to this, am usually stressed after seeing Dr.

Peace and Health

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by Fl_Gator, Dec 26, 2008
The neup is good news....but stay away from sick people...I got bronchitis and thought it was going to kill me...never had that before...I have always been very healthy, always dodging the cold and flu going around. not anymore...I ended tx over 4 weeks ago and expected to feel better then got bronchitis...still trying to kick that.

What did the ultrasound reveal?


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by headshop, Dec 27, 2008
I tried to stay away from sick people, hard to when you're at Christmas parties, work, and in hospitals. I have had congestion and constantly clearing my throat, run down, and runny nose. I am really worn out, slept from 7 to 8 this morning, thought I would feel better without the tx, I guess it has still has saturated my systemm.
Want know the ultrasound results until Monday, it was the most extensive one I have ever had all upper lower, side abdomen.
Congrats on finishing tx, hope your bronchitus clears up soon.

Peace and Health


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