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Another one bites the dust

Dec 28, 2008 - 1 comments

Went to a different church today (actually the one I grew up in) sang with the choir. Also feel a sense of grief due to my friendship going pear shaped. Phoned a friend coz I was feeling uptight and needed a laugh and she decided to take offence to everything I said so I hastily ended the convo and hung up the phone,
Nobody seems to understand that I need stability. My friends don't get that getting angry and stuck into me over trivia only makes everything worse.

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by zzzmykids, Oct 31, 2009
Hi, I don't know you but can relate.  The "real" world is less real than we are.  We see more intuitively, feel with more intensity, think in four or more ways at the very same time and still listen! It wears people that are less strong out. I have long time intimate girlfriends and a few guy ones that have stood the test of years of getting tired, BUT they are still there. Discernment, though not one of our strong suits is needed to build relationships of rocksolidness and when we need them, they are there with calmness, assurace and lots of cuddles and love.  A good Christian book is Boundaries, two sites for Christian books are and, there are other good ones but I use these most for most products.  If you want music that will calm your soul try the group Selah, Jim Brickman and secular George Winston.  On line there is a place called Pandora Radio and you can select your music needs.  I particularly like music of the Andes, IL Divo, Selah, and the others I have said.
Music calms the soul.  If you can develop one friendship of intimacy...I don't mean sexual...I mean connection and trust it will help you greatly.  I have six.  I don't know where my husband and I would be during the dark days without them.

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