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33:3 Still Here

Dec 28, 2008 - 1 comments














Still here, still hanging in.  Still having BMs of stage 6/7 on the Bristol Stool Chart, directly proportionate to how much solid food I eat.  If I have liquid food (ie Ensure) it seems to be fine.  Can't stand the taste of that stuff so I'm looking for a good lactose & gluten free protein powder.  Just not sure how that will affect Riba absorption though, will post in forum...

...couldn't handle it, felt nauseous from NOT eating so tried some plain brown rice with tuna.  Fingers crossed it'll stay in. If so will try eating small amounts every 2 hours or so...

I'm now down to 72kgs from 78kgs (That's about 158lbs from 172lbs).  Don't want to lose weight as I was borderline for weight based dosing and don't want a riba reduction.

Must eat, eat, eat!!!!!!!!  Btw, I am having so much fun!!

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by t2e3s4, Dec 28, 2008
thare are maney gluton free productes out thare just ask some one to help if thas youre prooblem i hope you git feeling better soon

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