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another visit to the endo

Dec 01, 2008 - 0 comments

just another visit to the endo and a "humm you now have a goiter," and "i'm hoping the other antibodies will kick in and kill off the the thryroid". mentioned getting the thryoid surgically or radiated, received a "oh you don't want to do that, see you in march" huh? yeah right. my body doesn't seem to be responding, i was taking 3 10mg tapazole 2x a day, "well, drop it down to 2 10mg 2x a day." yeah and the next tests will show a rise in the levels again. and a drop in my tsh, news flash, i am loosing faith, quick,fast and in a hurry! good news is i am able to feel when my levels are changing whether it be for better or worse. i am recognizing what my body is doing. this is a good thing.

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