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Teleseminar on Maxillo-Mandibular Advancement for Sleep Apnea

Dec 29, 2008 - 0 comments

Sleep Apnea


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maxillomandibular advancement



Just letting everyone know that I'm hosting a live telephone interview with Dr. Kasey Li, a world renown otolaryngolgoist and oral-maxillofacial surgeon that specializes in sleep apnea surgery. He and his colleagues at Stanford have published numerous papers related to surgical and nonsurgical management of sleep apnea. We're going to talk about maxillo-mandibular advancement. It's not a commonly performed procedure, but when done in the appropriate patient by an experienced surgeon, the success rates have been reported to be well above 90%. We're going to discuss how he chooses which patients are good candidates and what's involved during the procedure and what to expect afterwards.

You can ask Dr. Li your questions during the registration or live during the call. If you can't make it, you'll get a link to the recording, but only if you register.

It will take place on Jan. 8 at 8PM Eastern, and last about one hour. Register here to get the telephone call in details: http://www.westside-ent.com/teleseminarsignupsurgerymedhelp.html

Hope you can join me.

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