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Dec 30, 2008 - 0 comments






hi im nikky, im 16 and i live in the UK. I have two sisters(28 and 25) and one brother (23). I was dignosed with coeliac disease in december 07 after tests showed i was anemic in november 06, after a year of gluten free living my TTG levels are finally back in the normal range (it was over 200 at the start). So far my dad is the only one with a  positive blood result, but his biopsy was normal and he hasnt been diagnosed. I also have a condition called benign familial hypocacuric hypercalcemia which basically means that my calcium receptor doesnt work properly, causing me to have more than normal levels of calcium in my blood. The rest of my family (mum sisters brother) all have thrombocytopaenia which means their blood doesnt clott properly. It doesnt really affect them day to day, it only really affects them when they cut themselves or if they have an operation. Im the only one (other than my father) who didnt inherit this from my mother and until a few years ago i was 'the healthy one'.

thanks for reading. bye for now

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