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Can we still have our own child

Dec 30, 2008 - 3 comments










My husband was told by the doctor that he does not produce any sperm, therefore he could never have any children.  Is there any herbal remedy out there that can help him produce sperm or is our shot at having a baby out the window?  Please help......

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by Quinns momma, Dec 30, 2008
If your husband is infertile I am sorry to say that he will not be able to create a child with you. There are options for you as a couple tho such as finding a sperm donor, adoption etc.

Good luck and I am sorry about the bad news.

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by Miss_TDJ, Dec 30, 2008
Thank you Quinns momma.  That is the one thing that I did not want to hear. It is in God's hands now. Thanks

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by Michal2007, Feb 09, 2011
no its still in your hands.  god wont be able to help.  c'mon.

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