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First Cymbalta withdrawal and now Xanax withdrawal

Dec 30, 2008 - 1 comments

I am finally at the end of my rollercoaster ride of anti-anxiety/depression medication. Since I was first prescribed these meds for post-pardom depression 4 years ago, I have been on 9 different medicines trying to find "the right one" for me. Turns out, I don't need any. I only had post-pardom depression and have OCD (which I can control on my own with the aid of Ativan on rare occassions of severe attacks of anxiety).

So, About 1 1/2 months ago I finally made it through the hell that Cymbalta was causing me. Withdrawing from that medication ranked up there with the withdrawal I had from Paxil (and the weight gain while on it). So, now that is finished, it is time to get rid of the Xanax XR.

I have been on Xanax XR since March 2008. Not too long but much longer than recommended. I have been on 2 0.5mg pills a day (1mg total). Since 0.5 is the lowest you can go in XR, my doctor has given me regular Xanax (0.25mg) and instructed me to take that twice a day. After a month We will go down to 0.25 at night and split a 0.25 tablet in half and take it in the morning. The next month I will be taking half 0.25 tablets morning and night. The next month I will only take half of a 0.25 tablet at night and the following month I will be done. Doing the math, after 4 months I should be drug free. Here's my problem...

I have only been doing the 0.25 pill at morning and night for 4 days now and I am in hell. I am having all the withdrawal symptoms that I had while taper off of Cymbalta. Dizziness, nausea, confusion, brain zaps, weak muscles, muscle twitching, horrific anxiety (worse than I ever had it before medications), and the list goes on. I'm starting to wonder if it is even worth my "tapering". It feels like I am at the worst that this withdrawal could possibly be. It is as bad as both my Cymbalta withdrawal (tapering) and Paxil withdrawal (cold turkey). Should I really need to take those 0.25 pills twice a day to prolong things?

God, I am so tired of these medications. Sure, at first it really seemed like it helped (considering I was ready to kill my husband and newborn child) but did I really need treatment for 4 years which consisted of 9 medications (well with the new Xanax make that 10)?!!!!

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by soldy, Jan 11, 2009

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