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ER monday 11th then complications left me quite poorly!

Jun 13, 2012 - 4 comments

Well, Monday's egg collection didn't quite turn out how we thought!

The actual process itself seemed to go ok with 12 eggs collected.  I was in recovery and went to sit up to get my tea then everything went white, fuzzy and arms & legs went rigid, couldn't move them. Apparently I fainted. My blood pressure was very low so the nurses were monitoring me but I was getting worse.  I had pain in my lower belly, and my veins kept collapsing due to blood pressure, but they got me on a drip.

Blood pressure just kept getting really low so they decided to move me to the gynae ward for a scan of my belly for bleeding. This dr kept trying to get another line in my arm, and with my veins being small and not willing to corporate I ended up being stuck 3 more times with no result, so painful!

Anyway I suffer from shoulder pain during my monthly cycle anyway, which I've been told is natural due to some fluid build up so I get deferred shoulder pain. Well both my shoulders and both my sides of belly (under ribs) were agony. I could barely lie down for my internal and external ultrasounds from not being able to breath for the pain.

So, turns out I had some internal bleeding from the egg collection, which had stopped, but I also had a large amount of fluid in my pelvic area. They kept me in overnight, and in total I went through 4 drips before they took me off. They decided not to take me back to theatre as the bleeding had stopped and clotted, and hopefully over the next few days the fluid etc will naturally absorb into my body.

Tuesday morning my haemoglobin count came back from 10.8 the night before, to 8.2 so they offered to do a blood transfusion, and to take me down to try drain some of the fluid. My heartrate had gone up also as now my heart is needing to work that little bit more to compensate for the lost blood.  After a long talk with our consultant, who was amazing, we decided against both. I was borderline for the transfusion, so we decided to take the iron tablets and for me to rest at home, eating lots of foods rich in iron/fibre and to drink at least 3 litres. They are still hoping to do a 5 day transfer on Saturday as long as I have recovered.

I know it's a gamble, but we have got this far and I'm going to make sure my body rests and heals in time.  They have also said they will do there best to freeze one or two embryos but a day 5 blastocyst is hard to freeze I believe.

The good news from all of this is that 11 of our 12 eggs fertilised, so all being well and pray to god we shall go ahead on Saturday!

I'm much better and have never needed my amazing hubby more than ever these last 36 hrs. He was almost as white as me apparently when I fainted and was so worried about me he cried on the way home when he left me in hospital Monday night :(

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by Ginger077, Jun 13, 2012
I'm so sorry that you had to go thru that. I'm very thankful that everything ended turning out ok for you. It sounds like you had excellent care from your husband and medical team. What a traumatic experience. 11 out of 12 fertilized is excellent!! Please get your much needed rest, you must feel completely drained from having a low blood count. Take care of yourself my friend. Praying for several healthy blasts on Saturday for you!
Big hugs

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by cheekyhalfs, Jun 13, 2012
Thank you so much, much appreciated. It was pretty scary and I'm still in a bit of discomfort but I feel loads better. The poor consultant who done the retrieval looked so upset, he came to my ward twice to visit me and called in the morning to see if I had improved. And the embryologist called to ask how I was doing. Apparently, they say they only get a case like mines once a year approx. it's so hard trying to sleep through pain and having cannula's in both arms, so it was great to get a better sleep last night.  I'm back at the clinic on Thursday for more bloods, and possibly another scan to see if the fluid has started to absorb itself naturally.

Thanks again, and I will keep you posted, take care yourself too x

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by Yrmacias, Jun 13, 2012
I'm glad everything turned out well. I got a lil teary eyed along w/ your DH story about him crying in the car on his way home :( You have a great DH and best of luck to you!

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by TTC2006, Jun 13, 2012
How scary!  I'm glad that everything seems to be getting better.  I really hope that you are able to go ahead with your transfer as planned.


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