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Jun 13, 2012 - 16 comments

Trying to get used to lisinopril and a slow HR after having it high for some time.  I switched to taking it in the AM along with my Triamterene/HCTZ, and Metoprolol instead of which it was dropping my HR into the low 60's.  I'm just so wiped out feeling anymore.  I hope my body adjust soon......  And realllllly hope they can also figure out why I'm in so much pain all the time.  Mainly with my back; but,  my stomach and all over body pains too.  I feel like a real mess anymore.  Sigh

In case anyone has been reading my post.  Sorry I haven't been on much lately.     My Koenigs health has been bad and I haven't been in the computer room much.

Love ya all.  :-)

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by Me967, Jun 13, 2012
Just got a call from Doctors office.  They said the X-rays of my back only showed some arthritis and to try core strengthening exercises, massage and/or acupuncture.  Urgggggggg.  So tired of living with pain!

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by Nighthawk61, Oct 30, 2012
oh honey, i know how you feel, this shouldn't be happening , we're too young, it's not fair..i'm in the same boat as per the core strengthening exercises being a necessity.....i think i'll pick up my 10 lb weight and do a little lifting, thanks for the reminder......hope the meds even out and you feel better soon.....

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by Me967, Apr 02, 2013
Well another update:

Since I;ve been on here last.  I lost my Koenig to cancer of the spleen.  He was such a good boy.  I'll always love and miss him.

As for me my IBS issues have slowed up.  It was probably due to stress more so than anything.  My BP and HR is now under control pretty well.  I'm still getting flooters in my eyes every so often.  It's like little shadows out of the side of my eyes.  
The back pain is insain anymore.  When I'm on my feet for more than a hour, I feel like it's going to just shatter into a million peices.  Also still getting a intence numbing in my arms at times that last for less than a minute though.  It's all taking it's toll on me.  I'm just so wiped out anymore.  Normal household work is now torcher.  Sigh

The doctors around here only believe in core training, tai chi, accupunture or natural methods for pain control.  I wish they could spend 1 day in my body.  I haven't been to any doctors since June.  I'm so sick of them.  The only thing they offer me is a new bill.  LOL

Anyhow, there is my update.  
Back to searching on my own for answers.  Love you all and hope all is well..  :-)

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by Me967, Apr 02, 2013
Looking at a old post from 2008.  I can't believe I've been having these pains for 13 YEARS now and STILL NO answers after thousands of dollers!!!!  Urgggggggg

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by remar, Apr 02, 2013
I'm so sorry you lost Koenig. You must miss him terribly.
I take it you've been checked for fibro? I do understand the body pain. Most of us that have anxiety and depression have the body pain that is so awful. I get it mainly in my neck and back. Are you seeing a Chiropractor? I know it helps when I see mine.

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by Me967, Apr 02, 2013

Hi.  I guess it's been quite a while since we have chatted on here.  Yes I lost him last year in around July.  He was my baby and I was offline for quite a while.

My Dr. felt different spots on me that should have been painful and was not.  Within 20 seconds said it wasn't Fibro cause the spots were not tender.

Most of my pain is in my back and hips and never seems to stop hurting anymore along with my shoulders and neck.  Normal every day things have became a nightmare!   Scrubbing one floor in my house will leave my body feeling like I got ran over by a truck for day.  Sigh.  Sometimes my shoulders and arms go completely numb quickly but, it don't last for long.  When it happens it really hurts and is scary if that makes since. (From my jaw, neck and arms down to my fingers fill like they weigh a ton and lock up.)  Then it goes away w/in a minute usually.  I've questioned a pinched nerve on the arm and shoulder crap.
My body pains, aches and spasms occur threw out my whole body.  I never know what's going to hurt worse and when.  It's sporadic.  Lately I've been having intense heat in my upper legs mainly or sometimes on my face where I feel sunburned and sometimes my hands....It's all random.  I also have floaters.

As for a chiropractor....I've never seen one.  Never tried acupuncture yet either.

So much to tell......Last time I went to my doctor was back in I think May of last year.  I had a lot of test done and bld work.  It cost a fortune and I'm still paying for it....close to 8 thousand.  Sigh.  My liver enzymes were elevated.  My hsCRP was really high, Creatine levels high and chol. levels high (even though I was told they were ok by my doctor.)  The Cardiologist said they were high and quadrupled my dose of lipitor after my heart cath.  My heart monitor only showed PVCs  and supra ventricular tachycardia episodes of PAT where my HR was at 155 in my sleep?  Must have been a nightmare.  lol  Echo/stress test was good w/ a EF of 55-60%, Borderline LVH, Trace tricuspid regurgitation FS at 38%.  Stress test not so bad though my HR and BP were a bit high at 205/95 and HR at 185 so I guess it was stopped short...but, I'm out of shape.  So that was good news.  
Liver is fatty and Creatine levels are really high so I'm having some test done this year on my own threw life line screenings.  Sugar levels are still somewhat ok.  I'm taking 6000 IU of vit D/day but, levels are still on the low side of normal.  ???

Anyhow, this month I'm going to have my regular Stroke/Carotid Artery disease, Peripheral Arterial disease, Osteoporosis, Atrial Fibrillation, Chronic Kidney disease screening and Liver function test done.  After that I'm going to ask for my annual TSH, A1C and cholesterol checked again.  

After all this, I'm going to ask for a referral to a pain specialist.  Something has to be causing all of these intense body pains.  I so can't take the pains anymore.  :-/
As for my cardiologist though, I no longer live w/ high BP and HR issues.  So there is a yippie happy joy joy in there somewhere.  lol

Sorry I haven't been on here for almost a year.  As you and some of my close friends know though.....I'm usually always on FB.  Though these pains have even caused me to stay off there too at times.   Sigh.
I love ya Sweets......If you made it threw all of this God Bless You.
Sending ((((HUGS)))) your way.  :-)

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by remar, Apr 03, 2013
It has been awhile since we talked here at MH. I do see you on FB though. I must have been off the day you posted anything about your Koenig.
So you were tested for fibro? Yes, there are spots that should be tender if you have it. I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor. You may feel a little sore the day after because your body is not used to being in alignment.
Did you eat anything at all before having your cholesterol checked? You need to fast, only have water, 12 hours before the test. I think your liver enzymes are high because of fatty liver. My Mom has the same thing. You know not to eat anything with little seeds in it, right?
Yes, that is really good news that your BP and HR issues have been resolved.
I'm going to get some info from my daughter for you. She is really into nutrition and knows what foods to eat for certain problems. I have many pictures of her on my FB page. She'll be 36 this month and looks like she's in her early 20's. She's really in to juicing and eating so extremely healthy. Plus, she does yoga most every day and meditation several times a week. She has some arthritis in her hips and back and the yoga really helps.
Love you too. It's really good to hear from you. Corena

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by Me967, Jun 25, 2013
Hi there,

I fasted before the cholesterol test and it was still 225.  
As far as a chiropractor I never have seen one.  The slightest of touch hurts me.  I'm a bit leery of them.
As far as the little seeds like broccoli and such i think you might be mixing up  a fatty liver with (diverticulitis in which I don't have).  I do have IBS, but, it don't flare up that often anymore.  Thank goodness.
I still crave salt like crazy; but, the pains seem like they are here to stay.

Since my last note my BP and HR are taking swings again.  My trackers no longer work on here I guess.
I was trying to see if I updated my last results on here and I don't think I did.  Last year, I finally had a colonoscopy done and it turned out pretty normal.  They only had to remove a few polyps.
My Heart catherization turned out pretty good too.
I still haven't seen my Dr. this year concerning blood work and to get a referal to the pain specialist.  I'm so fed up with being in pain all the time I could screem.  Anyhow, that's about it for the small update for now.  
Same old stuff, different day.  :-)

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by remar, Jun 25, 2013
My daughter has been having problems with her trackers too. I guess there's something going on with FB.
Your cholesterol is a little above normal, which you already know. I hope your Dr is'nt trying to put you on any meds for it.
If I were you I would see a Chiropractor. I'm know you stay very sore but they will put a cold pack, or a hot pack, whichever you prefer, before doing any adjustments. There are several things they can do to relax your body.
Are you getting all the vitamins and minerals you need? If you're low on potassium and magnesium it can cause your blood pressure to jump around. I've been going through that myself. My daughter asked how I was eating and if I was getting enough potassium and I said I don't think so. When I do get enough my BP stays in the normal range.
No kidding, you have a heart cath done? Did they go threw the groin or your wrist? I hear going threw the wrist is much easier.
Have you and your husband put in a garden this year? We're working on it but it's kind of hard with my husband being out of town so much. We did get lots of cherries off of our tree and the strawberries are doing pretty good. The apple tree is loaded? So is the pear tree. So, we'll have lots of fruit and veggies to freeze for the Winter.
It's good to hear from you. I really hope you can figure out what's going on. It is so horrible to be in pain.
Take care. Corena

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by Me967, Jun 26, 2013
Corena Hi.
I've been on Cholesterol meds now for many years.  My Cardiologist added an extra BP pill (lisinopril) and tripled my dose and told me to take 200mg of CoQ-10 with them.  I do take vitamins on the side; but, question what all my body needs so I figured I would ask for a full nutritional panel.  As for the heart cath they went threw the groin and used the Angio-seal.  That was a bit awkward and a lot of pressure.  All in all wasn't too bad though.  
As for a garden I don't put one in anymore.  Too much work and too painful to keep up anymore.  I'm hoping to get a bunch of veggies from the farmers market so I can at least get some canning done.
I planted a couple apple and cherry trees this year.  I had one of each; but, found out I needed two of each.  We have a bunch of apples on the trees.  We probably won't have any cherries though until next year as we planted the other one too late in the year.  Fingers crossed for some applesauce in the making if the deer and birds don't pick at all of the apples first.  lol.
P.S.  It's good to hear from you too.  ((((Gentle Hugs))))

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by remar, Jun 26, 2013
Oh, I forgot you were on cholesterol meds. Sorry about that.
Did you have a blockage and that's why they did the cath? No, they're really not too bad. I don't remember much about mine because I was having a heart attack and on some good pain meds.
I know. Gardens do tak a lot of work. My husband ejoys it but I told him not to count on me as far as watering it or anything because I can't take the heat. I will help can and freeze everything though. Farmers markets are great. I'm glad to hear you have one close to you.
We only have one each of our fruit trees and they do very well. I think it's because both of our neighbors also have the same kinds of fruit trees so they can cross pollinate. Oh yes! The birds and deer love any kind of fruit. Those little stinkers. Ha ha! I hope you get to make lots of applesauce.
How is your BP today? Is it starting to settle down any at all?
Big hugs to you too. Corena

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by Me967, Jun 27, 2013
I'm sorta confused on why they done the heart cath too.  They had me on a heart monitor after my stress/echo test and I think why they done the heart cath was because (copied and pasted) Something about "Borderline LVH, Trace tricuspid regurgitation and occasional premature ventricular contractions with non sustained supra ventricular tachycardia that was noted at 155 bpm for 22-23 minutes" that I wasn't aware of.  
They told me more the less afterwards that everything was ok and added a couple new RX to my list.  The only thing I know is that I have regular irregular tachycardia.  In other wards from what I was told, it's irregular; but, regular for me.  My BP and heart rate can drop low 105/68 HR 64 one hour and change to 147/86 HR 122  the next w/o changing anything back and forth threw out the day and night.  So it bounces all around.

I just want all of these stupid pains to leave me.  The worst pains now are in my lower back and hips.  It hurts to stand for more than a hour and I have to sit/lay down.
As for gardens, I just have my roses and greenhouse herbs now.  :-)
((((Gentle Hugs))))

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by remar, Jun 27, 2013
Doing a cath is the best thing if they think you're having any kind of heart problems. It shows what a stress test and EKG can not show.
I know you're awfully young but have they talked about a pacemaker to keep your heart rate regular?
I wish I could grow roses because they're so beautiful but I don't have a green thumb at all. One time I killed mother in laws tongue. Ha ha! You're not supposed to be able to kill those plants.
Have you tried those heat patches on your back? My husband gets terrible back pain so we always have a supply of them. They really do work.
Big hugs to you.

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by rphpatti, Jun 27, 2013
Hi 967

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by Me967, Jun 27, 2013
I'm going to go to my regular family Dr for yearly bld work and ask for a referal to a pain specialist.  Hopefully they can give me some kind of answer.  I thought about a Neurologist; but, figured I would follow the steps with my reg. Dr, then pain specialist and so on up the later.  I just need a answer.  Too many years of being in pain is controlling my life anymore.
I take Atorvastatin (Lipitor)  Total was 225, LDL 144, HDL 74, Triglycerides 93.  
I have all my number for my kidneys too.  They are all pretty normal, only slightly low on NA.  I crave salt like crazy.
I take the Lisinopril in the Am and I'm not sure what you meant by taking Neutrophil?  Sorry.
Thanks for the reply on my issues.

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by Me967, Jun 27, 2013
remar hi

Yes they did mention a pace maker a few times.  I don't think I'm ready for that though.  If it starts jumping dangerously maybe.  I just don't like the idea of it at all.  For now my heart is ok.  It's the matter of when it starts dancing around I just have to adjust myself.  
Ha Ha on growing.  I bet you would do fine.  Roses are pretty easy.  It's just the matter of trimming them, weekly food and well yea a few things.  LOL
As for heat patches I did try them a few times.  They are expensive though and barely help.  I also bought BioFreeze off Ebay.  It works pretty good if not better than the heat patches; but, again the pain is still there.  The only thing that truly eases the pain in my back & hips is sitting or laying down....but, the muscle spasms are still there even with the slightest of breezes (like a ceiling fan) can start them spassing.  It's frustrating.  :-/
Love ya Sweets.  ((((Gentle Hugs))))

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