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Dec 30, 2008 - 0 comments















New Year's Eve

Yesterday was an emotional day.  I saw a new counselor, this one from my new church.  He was very, very helpful and encouraging but just telling my story brought lots of tears.

Then I went to visit friends.  These are the most lovely people! and have been after me - gently - to stop cocooning and start living again.  They are the ones who got me back to church.  They are the ones who constantly tell me, "We love you and nobody in our adopted family wants you to be alone".  So I went, and ... it wasn't TOO bad.  lol

Only a few moments were uncomfortable for me, and of course I got through them.  I took tons of pics to send them all, of their kids playing and riding the horse.

Yes, I missed dh nearly the whole time.  Yes, there were some really difficult moments when drinks were being offered - and in one case, pressed on me.  I said no politely, my host even told the lady trying to pressure me, "Becky is not drinking and we are supporting her, not being a bad influence!"

My first social venture was OK.  My pastor says, "Don't give up on your marriage, it is salvageable!"  I'm trying to plan something to occupy myself for my first New Year's Eve alone in probably 25 years.

I'm going to make it.

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