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Optimal Health in 2009- Happy New Year MedHelp

Dec 31, 2008 - 5 comments

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your guide to optimal health

Happy New Year to all of the Medhelp family. The goal to provide a community where people may convene and exchange information about health is a fantastic concept. And the visitors who populate this sight never cease to amaze me with their initiative to help themselves through better knowledge about their illness

2008 was filled with change. A new President juxtaposed against the backdrop of financial crisis like we have not seen in many yrears.  We lost familiar and respected individuals like Tim Russert, Paul Newman and Eartha Kitt to name a few. It was the untimely death of Russert that once again highlighted the deadly impact of silent coronary artery disease. I wrote a blog describing medicine's deficiency in identifying these silent low grade lesion's. Although we are making progress towards identifying a more reliable test beyond the cardiac catheterization, we are stuck with this inadequate modality for now.

Our ability to stratify high risk patients is now available with subfractionation of cholesterol levels. We have the capability to know why a person with a normal cholesterol level dies of an unexpected heart attack or stroke. The culprit can be identified with subfractionation of cholesterol particles to identify changes in the particle size for LDL and HDL as well as to identify high risk genotypes. The problem is that most people dont know about these tests, for that matter, neither do a number of physicians. So how to ration our extensive medical information to get the biggest bang for our buck is challenging

I was blessed to meet a goal of mine to complete a book about my Optimal Health program. Your Guide to Optimal Health: Creating Your Personal Wellness Wheel. www.personalwellnesswheel.com I called the time and effort consuming process putting my money where my mouth is.  I was not satisfied to talk in bits in pieces about the comprehensive program. I really think its is important to consolidate valuable information into a format that people can process and use.  If we don't do that, we've accomplished little. The challenge that lies ahead is to continue to evangelize about the topic until Im blue in the head. We have to start taking personal responsibility for our health.
A large percentage of our problems are avoidable and I sincerely believe that people can change more easily if they can create a plan with some assistance. Your Guide is that assistant.

Yes, it's clear that we have our work cut out for us in 2009. But its always reassuring to know that a community like MedHelp is available to support anyone who seeks assistance. Gpd Bless. Have a safe, prosperous and healthy new year

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by redheadaussie, Jan 01, 2009
Medhelp for me has been the best support network and educational one I could ever hope for. Thanks for bringing us such a well laid out and comprehensive site. The forums are filled with wonderful people,the moderators do  a great job and the censoring is excellent.
  Bring on 2009! and 'Gpd Bless' Medhelp!

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by VaBreeze, Jan 02, 2009
Yes, you are so right.  I am reminded of an old song "...and the times, they are a'changin"...and with MedHelp, so are others ability to help themselves when it comes to their health.  MedHelp is enlightening and much needed to people around the world.  

God Bless and happy New Year to you as well...along with everyone here at MedHelp.  

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by PlateletGal, Jan 02, 2009

Wishing all MedHelp members a Happy & Healthy 2009 !  Thank you for all you do !

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by marcellabond, Mar 10, 2009
I heard that theyare  testing an netting around the heart to prefent heart enlargeing

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by Jane159, Mar 30, 2009
The medical profession are reluctant to talk about electropollution effecting the body:
Its passed off as oversensitivty if people are upset.
The pollution is namely from poorly control insterlation of Aircon and now green technology.
Which can cause inceased blood pressure and stroke.

Effecting the T waves in the heart.(Dr Henry Lai metioned Taser Guns have this effect)
Governments are pushing though technology with little understanding how it works and the people installing have no militray back ground as to what they are dealing with.
There`s no real health an safety on expoure; all things seem to be based on whether people recogise there`s a problem with their health. Even if they do, and they relate it to electropollution they are often ignored.

The MoD say that wind turbines interfere with newer RADAR they are trying to install.
They give off enough and they don`t say radiation to effect the RADAR at any height.
Some civilan experts say our bodies ignore this extra radiation and the majorty of people do seem to not know what`s happening until they develope cancer or heart problems out of the blue.

The canaries are just ignored and told to see a psychatrist or suffer. If we asked the medical profession to support us.
I personally think the frequencies being largely low frequency just like hypnosis turn the brain off to responding to electropollution.  It might appear not to recogise it in the short turn. And like hypnosis, the condition can then go to a much deeper stage before its recogonised..

With our governments preparing to get even more wind technology in place, and its not even power effeicient there`s nowhere to go for those of us who can see. Our health is deterating and the doctors treat us as if we don`t exists.

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