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new year

Jan 01, 2009 - 2 comments

well, we went to a party last night,we came home early my head was hurting and i just can't handle too much noise or people these days. apologized for leaving early but, i think the hostess understands. really rough night, headache kept me up, don't know why after all these months of no headache why all of a sudden am i experiencing right sided headaches, actually causing my eye to twitch. little nervous about the headache cause the last one i had like this triggered the strokes. but i can't let it control my life! took my med's and they feel stuck in my throat can't get that feeling to stop. coughing, and still have this sinus infection. heartburn continued through out the night.i am just falling apart!! wow, my hair is even standing up on ends. things will get better.

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by Jennifer1987, Jan 02, 2009
In my opinion THINGS HAVE TO GET BETTER! Couldn't imagine living like this all my life! it would be a short life now I tell ya! Anyway I experienced that headache your on about!! It actually woke me it was so bad! Started at the right side above my eye a progressed to the back of my head along the right side! Took pain killers and it eased!! But I never experienced a pain like that before!

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by grneweene, Jan 06, 2009
headache still persists, and now the heartburn continues to get worse. omg, if this is hypo he&% or the beginning of it i'd just as soon bypass this whole mess! :) i wish that some doctors lived our lives just ONE day. my husband has been home longer than normal and he has been seeing what i've been going thru and he seems to understand a bit more. I'm glad he's leaving out tody, that way i can just sit and relax.i feel like i need to go, go, go when he's seeing him come home, and also glad to see him leave when the salt is out of his blood.

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