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Jan 02, 2009 - 2 comments

It was positive this morning! I took the test first thing this morning and yay two lines as dark as night!!!! I can't wait to go home and do the deed! I just wonder about one thing though, when I got my u/s they said I had two follicles one was 11 and one was 14. That was three days ago, so they would now be around a 20 and a 17, does it sound like I could produce two eggs this month????? Either way I'm excited... January 15th hurry up!

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by sbumblebeeo, Jan 02, 2009
I am super happy for you!  I hope it works this time!  Do you know if you ovulated on the clomid before?  And I have a crazy request...could you take a picture of the positive test?  Here's my issue...the directions say that the line has to be as pink or pinker.  What is that???  Last month I was staring at those lines trying to figure out if they were exactly the same shade or darker for hours.  I showed it to everyone in my family and we concluded that they were the same shade but NOT darker.  UGH!  I convinced myself that I wasn't even going to buy those stupid things this time, they drove me mad last time. LOL.

Anyways Congrats!!!!!

291233 tn?1347297526
by sbumblebeeo, Jan 11, 2009
Just wondering what CD you were on when you ovulated.....I am on CD 15 and still no positive yet.  Still have the backache  too.

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