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Graves Disease

Jun 13, 2012 - 0 comments

Graves disease






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In 1981 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. I had a large goiter on the right side. My eyes popped out like a frog. Family called me "frog eyes". Very disheartening. Oh Well. My son was 2 1/2 years at the time. Doc decided to remove my thyroid. Cut right across my neck, through my vocal cords. Took a while to talk again and when I did my voice was different. I could no longer sing either! I exercised my voice by reading to my son. I am glad he was around to help me get through it.
Now I rely on synthetic thyroid, levothyroxine. Docs are always trying to change my dose. I usually take .250 but they are all so worried about my bones. I had a bone density done and my bones are just fine. I get so frustrated with them.
I am a veteran so use the VA for all my medical. Every time I go for my check up at the endocrinology lab I get a different resident and the Doc on call is always different. All they do is look at the most recent lab test. I told them my tests always jump around but I have been fine on the .250.
Last summer they changed it to .175. I got all palapy and sweats and I called to complain. They recently put me on .20 when I complained a lot. Then added T3 (cytomel). My recent tests showed my -- FT3 251.540   FT4 1.80 and my TSH  0.05 very low for me.
I asked the doc to make another lab apt for me in Jul. When I see him in Jul I am bringing the spread sheet I made up showing my levels since 2004 and how they vary like crazy but are most stable when I am on .250. Hopefully he will put me back on the level I know I can handle. I have so many other pains and problems, it would be nice to get just one under control!

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