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So Sad =(

Jun 14, 2012 - 1 comments

So I went to my weekly appt for the u/s and nst. Baby's growth has dropped since 34 weeks and she's in the 16th percentile right now. The Dr. I saw today I only saw once about halfway through the pregnancy, but I've seen her before for other things. She said she knows I prefer not to be induced but she recommends I reconsider, it doesn't have to be tomorrow but that going to my due date is pushing it, and it would have to be sooner depending on my next appt Monday. I was disappointed she's suggesting induction, I wanted to go into labor on my own with this last baby. Then she said she wouldn't use the stuff that was used to induce me with Emma, it would have to be pitocin and I would be in bed on the monitor the whole time. I lost it in her office, when I had the pitocin with Mikayla it was so traumatic, I can't imagine having to do it again. I don't know if it was the pitocin or the epidural that caused my issues but I had to be sent home with a catheter for a week because I couldn't even pee on my own. With Emma we used cytotec and I was monitored the first hour and then I was able to get up and walk around which helped me cope with the contractions and I did it with no drugs, and I was able to get up and walk around like 1/2 hour after she was born. This Dr. said she's not comfortable with it, small babies don't tolerate it well and even if she was willing to use that medication she'd have me in bed on the monitor. So she pretty much told me that I would have to have a bedridden labor on monitors the whole time. She did say that she will send out an email and see if any of the other Dr.s are willing to induce me with it and let me walk around. I am hoping the one Dr. I really like and have seen a lot of will be willing to try it. This Dr. said if the baby didn't tolerate it I'd be more likely to have a c-section...honestly if I have to have pitocin and stay in bed and give in to an epidural I would almost rather the c-section anyway. I know in the end all that ultimately matters is a healthy safe baby, and it is what it is and I'll do what I have to, but I'd like the opportunity to try without the pitocin. Even with the painful contractions and no pain relief the whole experience was 100 times better than the pitocin induction. Please do some kind of labor dance so I can go into labor on my own before my an induction is indicated!!

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by Babyiish, Jun 17, 2012
I hope everything goes well.....
I'll have you and your baby in my prayers for an easy labor, delivery and a really healthy baby.... xxx

Take care & don't stress
Remember chose whats best for you and your baby... xx

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