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And so it begins...

Jan 02, 2009 - 0 comments






Back in November I began having right arm numbness.  Thought I had a pinched nerve so didn't worry too much.  Around December 13th, I started having dizzy/blurred vision spells.  Went for MRI #1 and brain came back good but demylenating lesion across my C4 spine. Family Dr started Decadron taper which seemed to make things worse.  Went the the ER a week later for MRI #2 and again, brain came up clean but still active lesion on C4 spine.  Started Solumedrol 500mg x5 days on 12/27/08.  Seemed to keep spasms at bay but no relief from numbness.  Today, having alot of stiffness/discomfort in right arm and dizziness.  Neuro decided to keep the steroids going with a 20 day taper of Prednisone.  All the while, family Dr ordered another MRI on only the brain due to dizziness/visual disturbances.  MRI #3 shows nothing in the brain...that has to be somewhat reassuring right???  What it comes down to is that I have this lesion on my spinal cord that we are trying to fight.  Have an appt with Neuro on Monday but don't expect to make too much progress.  From what I am hearing, Neuros are hard to come by and even harder to get straight answers out of due to the complexity of MS and related neuro issues.  Let's say a prayer that the appt goes well!!!!

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