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New Dog

Jun 15, 2012 - 2 comments

I have a lot of hurdles to overcome still and I am considering getting a puppy "ridgeback, beagle, great Dane x" (great Dane may be a little much).  Haha I am looking for a short haired dog that's medium to smaller size of large.  I was on some sites and people are selling dogs that are a bunch of x breeds for $6,$7,$8,$900 dollars!!  I know Ken won't be happy and the kids and my parents but eff I want to do that I feel I wil benefit with a dog and perhaps it can get me to stop cutting!
So I am praying that I get a puppy soon:)

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by sadmomma4, Jun 30, 2012
Oh so my psychiatrist tells me I need a puppy to help in my concussion and depression recovery, right in front of the "man", so we are looking, I found a litter of perfect pups that I would love anyone of them, but :( they are $350 and I can't really afford more then like $100-$150, so I can't get the pup I want!  And my friggen life is falling apart again:(!  I just don't think I can handle anymore!  My son hates me and is making accusations to me saying that I said something that I never said and refusing to see me anymore, I am fighting so much with my parents and bf and I just can't handle anymore, then I top it off by getting my mind set on one thing and nothing else will do.  And to top it off, 2 nights in a row I took a bunch of pain killer and sleeping pills and still woke up so now I'm going to run out before my prescriptions up!  And I don't have enough for OD #3 and can't figure out for myself why I didn't take them all before, I probably would have been successful finally!  WTF is wrong with me!!!!
Oh I think there's only one way out of this mess and it isn't going to be climbing out of a hole!!!!
My past will never stay behind me, it always ruins my present...

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by ImDONENoMore, Jun 30, 2012
I think the therapy is really important for you right now - how often are you going?  Maybe more sessions would help you get through this difficult time?

And please - reconsider getting a puppy - at least for right now.  They are a lot of work and you need to focus on getting well yourself first before taking on that kind of responsibility.  Once you're feeling better, you'll be better equipped to take on a new pet.  But please, focus on yourself for now.  They'll be plenty of time down the road to take on a new pet once you're feeling stronger.

Does your psychiatrist know you're having these thoughts of hurting yourself?  Please talk to him/her as soon as possible - nothing is worth taking your life over honey, nothing.  And life can get better - but it usually takes some time - for you to heal physically and mentally.  You are WORTH a happy life - please connect with your Dr. okay?

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