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My birth story

Jan 03, 2009 - 7 comments







twin pregnancy



So with having a cold since the day after christmas and just feeling exhausted in general I was getting pretty miserable in my current state and pretty much had resigned myself that the boys were going to stay in the oven until the bitter end. On December 30th I remember I had a sore back for the last two and a half days and for the umpteenth time just could not get comfortable to go to sleep and I said a small prayer that if it was okay and both boys were healthy could the lord please help me out just a little bit. At about four hours later 5:35am I awoke to a gush of water that covered my bed and just would not stop. I had just been up to the bathroom an hour ago so I was pretty sure what it was. Then as I was getting myself to the bathroom I felt the slipperyness of it and knew it was time to call my OB. I was so excited and scared knowing that contractions should be coming soon. My OB called me back and said to get myself to the hospital, I woke my mom (we were back staying at my parents) and my dad jumped in the shower quick to take me in. I called my husband who answered on the first ring believe it or not and told him today was going to be it. The drive took a little over an hour but luckily contractions came during the last 20 minutes of it and even though they were roughly 7-8 minutes apart they weren't painful and I was able to walk pretty comfortably up to labor and delivery. I was checked around 7:15 and was 3-4 cm dilated (my water had indeed broke) and the resident could even feel Alexander's toes in my cervix (weird). Then they did and ultrasound to find out what limbs belonged to who and at 7:50 we were taken back for the c-section. The spinal went okay, not as painful as the epidural I remembered with Aiden but its effects went up to high and I could only move my head. It lead to a lot of panic on my part - I felt I couldn't breathe and was going to pass out or throw up although my stomach was paralyzed so they didn't happen thank goodness. The best part was feeling none of the surgery, not even pushing or pulling but it was difficult for me to concentrate on the wonder of what was happening, I kept my eyes closed and tossed my head around asking anyone to help me breathe. I was able to get it together briefly when I heard them cry and was able to focus on each of their faces right before they were wheeled out of the room. AT one point my husband put Ethan on my arm but I couldn't move to cradle him and was still comsumed with panic. It was not the best experience in my opinion but at least it ended. They were born at 8:22 and 8:23am weighing five pounds 15 ounces. Ethan is a half an inch shorter than Alex. About 24hours later it was discovered that Ethan did not have an adequate exit for stool so he was transferred to another hospital and underwent surgery this friday morning. It was hard to watch him go and it was weird to have to remind myself that I had twins after that. It was sad that I could not go with him as there was no reason to transfer Alex and either way one would be left alone, thankfully my husband and family took turns visiting Ethan and my OB discharged me at an ungodly hour friday morning so I could see Ethan before he went to surgery.
The overall recovery has been okay, day two was the hardest but since then as long as I stay on top of my pain meds I am fairly comfortable, may ankles are HUGE though!!! I am loving the binder that they put me in as I don't feel as though anything is going to "fall out" and I only look about six months pregnant still =-).
I am so glad they are out and so thankful that Ethan has pulled through this, he is a trooper already.

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151668 tn?1239924705
by Hope2OneDay, Jan 03, 2009
God bless you! I'm so glad that everything went smoothly. I'm sure the numbness was the scariest, but it seems everything happened in a timely manner with no real problems. What more could one ask for? :-)

Happy Birthday to your boys!

210400 tn?1325384170
by amberd5191, Jan 03, 2009
Wow! Congrats, what a story!

501045 tn?1331086736
by hopefultobeblessed, Jan 03, 2009
Congats! I'm so glad you posted your story. I wish more people shared as much. I am 25wks 2days with boy/girl twins and I am so nervous about their health, delivery and many other things as I am sure so many people expecting twins are. Either way, praise God that all went well.

478429 tn?1265247987
by dnikki0928, Jan 03, 2009
Congratulations!! I am glad both boys are doing well and everything has since gone okay :-) Thank you for sharing your story!

147932 tn?1226969710
by asher01, Jan 03, 2009
congrats so happy everything went so well for you! its weird how they weighed the same weight... isnt one twin usually a big smaller? thats a great weight for 6 wks early though. i'm excited for ya, i bet u got ur hands full but i'm sure ur doing just great!! hows aiden taking all this? well take care and i hope ethan is doing great. i'll keep u, "jelly" and 'bean" in my prayers lol!! again take care!!!

ps they are soooooo beautiful and precious!


464337 tn?1237655255
by agomez333, Jan 04, 2009
Wow I'm so glad the delivery went smoothly and they are such a GREAT size for being 6 weeks early!! I totall understandabout the spinal. I HATED that part when I have the cerclage placed and told them I will NEVER have another spinal again... If I need a c-section they have to figure something else out... What a wonderful New Year's present for you and your family... You are truely blessed!!

195469 tn?1388326488
by Heather3418, Jan 13, 2009
I have been waiting to write to you, to give you a chance to recover a little bit from your ordeal, but wonderful births.

I could really relate to your spinal and the effects of not having any feeling in your arms.  How awful for you.  I am surprised you were able to get the anxiety under control.  Hopefully the anesthesiologist saw your distress and gave you something through the IV to calm you.  At least I HOPE they did.  They shouldn't let a mother suffer like that.  Again I am so sorry that you had to experience that.  

I give you alot of praise for being able to overcome that anxiety.  You're a brave woman.  I admire you, dearheart.

So how are YOU doing?  Feeling any better?  I know that you are getting help with the twins, but it's still hard to get the rest you need to recover from your major surgery.  And it IS major surgery.  I'm sure you are glad that the boys are here, but glad that the pregnancy is over with.  You've been through alot, for sure.

Is little Ethan able to poop on his own yet?  I am so glad that we live in a time and age where they can fix something like that.  Had he been born 50 years ago, he never would have made it.  Have they told you what may have caused this problem?  You know dear, this is the first time I have heard of such a thing.  I'm sure the doctor's were just as surprised as you and your hubby were.  I just thank God that he is alright and on his way to a full recovery.  Not too much fun to go through the process of birth then being wisked away to have your bottom operated on.  Poor precious baby.  Hopefully his pain medication was enough to keep him comfortable.

They sure are handsome boys. I almost lost my breath when I found out what they weighed.  Had they gone to full term, I would bet they would have been 8 pounds apiece.  Easily.  I was like your sister and just knew the boys were going to be born around Christmas.  Instead they came just in time to claim as dependents on your income taxes.  That is just an old joke, sweetheart.  Forgive my sick humor.

I hope when you are feeling up to it, that you will get back on line and let us all know how you and the boys are doing.  We all want more pictures...of course.  Take care dearheart and may god bless you and your precious family.  I am so happy for you and your family.

Big Mommie Hugs,
From the MS Forum
P.S.  I told you many months ago, that I would follow you through the whole pregnancy and I did.  Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your world of joy....    

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