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Stroke Proof

Jun 19, 2012 - 1 comments










My MRI results came in. This time my neurologist actually found proof that I had a stroke. First they thought it was a TIA, then an ear ache, and then I kinda forced the issue, they did another MRI and actually found a small "disruption" on my right side of my brain. I can't tell you how relieved that makes me. Some people never get confirmation that they actually suffered a stroke and then they feel bad about it, employers don't believe them and it's generaly hard, and couple that with a real stroke, it's almost unberable.

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by spoilher101, Apr 23, 2013
It took me 11 years, since my first stroke, to get my first major heart attack! My problem ws i never knew they were strokes, & my neurolist passed on. You r so right, when it comes down, to actually get the truth out of a doctor. I saw 9 diff. cardiolist, & it took, just 1 nurse, @ cardiac rehab, to slip up, & she told me i had a major heart attack! 8 of the cardiolist had denied it! My last cardiolist, made sure to tell me, not to go to the gym anymore, cas i was abusing the weights. I was very fit, with a BMI, of 5. Now my BMI, is 26.5! I want to thank u for choosing me as answering 1 of ur questions as best answer! I dont know what it was, cas i have so many brain issues now, with so many dead brain cells, BUT, at least u could get some answers out of ur health care doctors. I cant get any? i DO KNOW, I ENDED UP WITH A LOT OF BRAIN DAMAGE, CAS I HAVE A HARD TIME FUNCTIONING NOW, FROM JUST A FEW YEARS AGO! Keep on top of those doctors! Wish the best for u! Steve

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