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Doctor visits

Jun 20, 2012 - 0 comments



doctor visit

Went to the clinic 2 days ago.  Hopefully I can figure out why I feel so sluggish.  I took tests for Anemia, hormones, thyroid gland, UTI and I had an x-ray on my right ring finger.  i've been tested for everything before but never tested for hormone levels.  I asked the doctor if that would make me wanna screw every guy that passed me. "Is that a new feeling?"  "Uhhh.. yeah"  All of my vitals were great so I don't have high blood pressure or anything like that.  

Also saw my therapist yesterday and she said its the first time i've talked like i might think I'm worth something.  I had to kick alot of ppl out of my life the past couple of months and the new ppl I'm meeting... I talk to them for about a week and get tired of the ********. I'm quick to block a motherfucka now. Also trying to be celibate.  Notice I said "trying". Also trying a new look.. apparently it makes me seem more approachable and soft. I'll experiment with that a little bit and see if I get a different type of person approaching me and/or different treatment.  I'm tired of being seen as only good for sex...

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