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I dunno what to do

Jan 03, 2009 - 0 comments








I've been waiting a month now for the last results for my STD check.  I was tested clean for everything except chlamydia. I took the treatment for that and the problem issues went away. but I have these pimple like bumps near my vagina, and one or two right at the entrance. I tried to pop one once with some tweezers, and all it did was bleed a lot, I can't tell if it's an ingrown hair or not.
I'm waiting for my pap results, which includes hpv. They want to do a colposcopy, but they don't seem to think it's urgent.

my boyfriend before last, I found out has warts. Actually he doesn't even know what it is cause he wont get it checked.  And when I try to ask him about it, he gets all defensive and angry at me.  I just want to know what i'm dealing with.

but my partner between my two last boyfriends, he tested clean, though we only had sex twice, and one of the times without a condom. And he got his results withing 5 days! but.. he also works in the hospital that he got tested through. *sigh*

I don't have any one to talk to about this. they keep mentioning the possibility of cervical cancer and hpv. I try to talk to my recent ex about this, but he's not responding anymore unless he thinks I have information that could relate to him. He wont get tested because he can't afford it. But I told him where he could go to get it done, he's just being lazy! I was hoping he would get checked and then I would be more likely to get some comfort considering how long I've waited already.

I'm kinda numb right now.

muh moodieness
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