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EMG of the legs

Dec 12, 2008 - 2 comments

The first of my test which causes some discomfort.
Those little needles hurt.

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by frustrated253, Jan 03, 2009
I had an EMG of my legs and lower back - OUCH! - The doc kept telling me to relax, yea, right. Anyways, I know that your post is several weeks old so hopefully I will find your results in a more recent post.
By the way; my outcome was this, and I am quoting; "you either have MS or a rare brain disease". How about that for comforting news! Anyways that was mid October and still no dx. Oh well, life goes on.
Take care and all the best,

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by Octarine, Jan 04, 2009
I had an EMG of one of my legs and agree with OUCH.  But it wasn't any worse than what I feel in that leg when I walk anyway.  

What I wanted to share was that the following day, one of my colleagues at work asked me to tour her lab to see the new computers her grant had bought.  Students were busy attaching electrodes to recently detached frog legs to make the leg muscles contract and jump.  JUST LIKE MINE!  I thought.  :-)

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