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Jan 02, 2009 - 3 comments

What a great start to the new year. I was thinking possitive feeling like nothing could be worst than 2008.

Going to get the emg of upper extremities.

Meet the dr at the elevator at 8:15 am pressing the button contiunously because it didnt light up. The whole he was in back of me and I didnt know. I said to myself "Ohh good."

He didnt seem to be in such a good mood as I said hello. He shot back a sharp hello. I didnt think nothing of it because it was so early in the morning and plus the dr might of had too many on New Years lol.

As the dr and the tech finished up my test and I was going to get dressed. I mentioned to the dr I was having nausea and at times acid reflux. He just blew me off by stating "You have too many symptoms, if its neurological based I will treat it but if its not I will not." I felt deflated. I looked in the eyes of the tech because the dr had his back turned to me. Her eyes told me everything I needed to know. Find another dr.

Im going through a bottle of peto bismal a week. The extra strength kind which is turning my stool charcoal. He didnt give me the time of day. Trust is very important to me. He lost it. Guess I have call the pcp to ask for a referal to the Cleveland Clinic. Im not playing games. If he cant/dont want to help me I will go some where who can.

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by nncdalton, Jan 13, 2009
Your dr sounds like an a$$. I have been taking 1 part childrens benadryl and 1 part Mylanta and it is really helping the reflux. What does your GP say about the reflux? That can errode your esophogus can't it? Shouldn't a dr take that seriously? I have a low opinion of drs right now, not to mention insurance. I hope you feel better soon.

Christy D

618788 tn?1278339457
by shorty1969, Jan 14, 2009
hi carebarer. its tanai here and i read your tracker, other than devics syndrome i also have esophogus  refluz too. i was on somac but they made my lips and tounge swell up, the surgeon was very surprised as that is a very rare side effect. of course i had to get it, what next? 6 months later after having extreme pain, they took out my appendix and my intestines were floating around in my guts so i had them sewn back and they also found feaces in my appendix. ooohhh yucky. well all that was last yr july. right now doc`s suck big time but i still have to see them. bummer. hope u the best when u have your LP/ luv tania

98474 tn?1240105274
by flowerfloosey, Jan 17, 2009
Read your tracker and your post about your this point..after going to 5 neuros, I don't have time for a doctor with that kind of attitude! There is such a big difference fighting this disease with a caring doc opposed to one that is so errogant. I would change if I  were you and could. Do you have a GI doc. If you can find  a nice one..they can be so helpful. Hope you are feeling better.

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