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Saw the Doctor

Jun 22, 2012 - 1 comments

please help

Very disappointed in the Doctor that thinks that all of this is mental and wants to put me on some medication to ignore the symptoms.  The Doctor had the odasity to say that "Probably the only reason that the Oral Surgeon did surgery to remove my saliva stone was to make me happy and pacify me"   He said I have too many symptoms and there is nothing wrong with me--it' all in my head.   I can't believe he said that to me.  What a waste of time, now I have his opinion following me around and influencing other Doctors who might think differently about me and take my symptoms very lightly because of this nut Doctor.    Lord God in Heaven, please help me and direct me to Doctors that will listen and help me.  I want to be able to serve you Lord again and be the person I need to be.    

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by Londres70, Jun 24, 2012
Is this your GP treating you like this?

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