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35w5d almost there

Jan 04, 2009 - 0 comments

cerclage removal



Well here we are... 3 days to go until the cerclage is out. I have been having contractions every night, and was back in the hospital on the 30th early. My contractions were 2-3 min apart again and quite strong. They decided to give me terbutaline again and if it didn't stop they would cut out the cerclage and allow things to progress. Well the terbutaline worked and I was senthome after about 2hrs of the shot. I was told, however, that next time they will not stop them and will cut the cerclage and allow me to have the baby.

Last night I was having a lot of contractions and was debating going in, but I was so tired I really wanted to see if I could go to sleep and get them to stop. Thankfully I woke up this morning realizing this is what happened thankfully. On Christmas eve we had an ultrasound and he was only measuring 4lbs 4oz so I would like him to stay a little longer to grow some more...

I go to the Dr Tues the 6th to discuss possibilities for Wed when the cerclage comes out and they will do the strep B test or whatever it is called. I'm nervous about the cerclage coming out. I hope I dilate and things move along, but there is a possibility I could go another week or so after before having him which I guess will be okay too.. I am just very ready to meet my son...

I will keep everyone updated after Wed as to what the result was...

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