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Positive blood test??? Only 22 iu.....I'm so scared!

Jun 26, 2012 - 5 comments

June 26th
These last few days have been a huge rollercoaster and I don't think we are done yet...

After my negative HPT, my bloods from yesterday (9dp5dt) have come back positive but very low, only 22iu.  The hospital want me back asap today to have more bloods taken to check the levels.....

I'm struggling to get my head around being told it was positive....and terrified its being taken away from us already!  I am literally still shaking from head to foot, what an emotional mess I am!

Is there anything that can be done to help make a little bean implant better, or is it too late?

June 27th
Still waiting on the results of my 2nd beta (done 24 hrs apart) and I have a really bad feeling :-(
I've awoke feeling odd...less sore than yesterday, less tender boobs and I dunno...just a feeling deep down that this little bean just didn't get it's chance and its over before it properly began.  I feel almost relieved to know that we can get pregnant....albeit for a very very short time!  I know Im not being optimistic, but I'm trying to be realistic too and not set myself up for a massive fall when I know, based on the facts, that there isnt much hope.

The waiting is a little annoying now....I could phone the clinic and get a nurse to tell me, but Im a scaredy cat lol, and would rather not hear this news over the phone and instead have my consultant email me.....

Sat 30th June
So today I am 14dp5dt (19dpo) and I still don't feel pregnant! Every morning for the last 3 days I awake to cramps which I can't tell if are period like or cause I need to move my bowels. But each day it seems to fade once I have been to the loo, so I'm praying it's only that!

Went to see my acupuncturist last night and although she knows our numbers desperately need to improve come Monday's beta, she could tell by my uterus contracting that I am, for now, definitely pregnant :) I'm still scared to say it, and have told only 1 of my sisters (I am so close to my large family) but I don't think it's the right time to tell anyone else until we know how the pregnancy is doing. I'm scared....and excited too....

Am going to do my digital clear blue test tomorrow morning....I will update how we get on!

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by Ginger077, Jun 26, 2012
Cheeky the power of positive thinking and taking it easy is all I know of. I'm praying for a good 2nd beta for you and can relate to your feelings right now with what happened to us in May. It's a feeling of helplessness because there is nothing anyone including your RE can do at this point. At least that was the case for us. Please keep me posted and don't give up hope or thinking positive my friend. I think you know now why your hpt was negative the other day. I think you have to have 25iu to register positive. I'm praying for you and cheeky bean!

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by beautifulmum, Jun 26, 2012
ahh sorry to hear if i were you i would just take it easy til you go put your feet up and try to think positive it can help alot.
unfortunatly you cannot do much to help implant it is up to your body and little bean
keep your head up try to stay positive and dont do much no lifting as they say it uses muscles in your abdomen.

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by jiji76, Jun 30, 2012
Thinking about you!  What a roller coaster you are on!  But I really have a good feeling that lil cheeky bean is going to stick!!! Just try to remain positive, the power of the positive mind is truly amazing, Can't wait for the update on Sunday and Monday....praying for you!

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by cheekyhalfs, Jun 30, 2012
Thank you ladies. I hope you are right jiji and my little cheeky bean sticks good. I have felt more positive the past couple of days which I know will help Iil bean along the way.....even in my sleep I can't switch off, I'm dreaming of pregnancy tests and so on lol....

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by TTC2006, Jun 30, 2012
I'm positive it'll be good news with the digital in the morning.  I bet your beta on Monday will be in the high hundreds.  :)
*hugs* and sticky vibes!!

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