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Prenatal Appointment (16w4d)

Jun 27, 2012 - 0 comments

I was scheduled to meet with my midwife last Tuesday, but she had to reschedule it because she had 2 births that day (well, actually the night before into the morning). So, I get to see her today! I love my prenatal appointments with a midwife, they are so much different then the regular OB/GYN office I went to with my son. They weren't horrible or anything, it is just so much more personal. My midwife spends the ENTIRE appointment with me (30min- 1hr) and does more then just check baby and weigh me, we actually discuss how I'm feeling, concerns I may have, classes (she know's I'm a senior in college :) and my nutrition. Ahh, it just feels nice! Like going to a restaurant and not only do they have quality food but GREAT service, lol.

Today I am especially excited because my cousin Beth is coming with me. She is getting married in a week and her and her husband plan on NFP for 9 months (because of insurance clause) but then to just let nature take its course. We wanted to hang out this week before she moves :( and I thought it'd be great to have a date day and she can come to the midwife with me and see what it is like using a midwife instead of a doctor. Then when/if she becomes pregnant she has a place to start; because I think every woman that is pregnant or trying to conceive should look into ALL of their options before choosing a provider. Don't do what I did last time and just pick one because "They're all the same, right?" Wrong, doctors have different beliefs, techniques, rules, etc. So, I'm just super-duper excited for her to meet my midwife-- and hear the baby's heart beat!

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